Seeds Church Planting Conferences


Which type of Seeds is best for my conference context?



Seeds Vision focuses on casting the church planting vision in your conference territory, while also equipping individuals with a process and roadmap.



Seeds Core Groups focuses on equipping core groups (at any stage of planting) with a process and roadmap for their specific context. The church planting vision for the entire conference is also reinforced through this more focused approach.



How does the process work and what are the outcomes?

Our team will work with you to create an experience that best fits the needs of your conference. We provide you with promotional items, online registration for your event, and printed programs and handout materials for your attendees. During the conference, our presenter team delivers inspiring and practical training while your participants are able to network and make decisions. Participants will leave with a clear process and awareness of the next steps they need to take in their church planting journey.


What does the training look like and can it be adapted to fit my conference’s needs?

The experience is always tailored to your context.  As we become aware of your needs, we select a small team of practitioner-presenters for your chosen context (rural, urban), and requested language(s) who—together with those already planting in your conference—inspire, share nuts-and-bolts, dialogue around tables, call for decisions to plant, and help individuals or core groups go home with a roadmap. 


What is the financial cost?

After Seeds is completed, we direct bill your conference $5,000 (adjusted for Canada) which covers presenters’ travel expenses, production of programs and materials, etc. In addition, we provide significant administrative assistant hours in working through logistics including marketing and program materials, communication and reimbursement of presenter expenses, etc. in order to simplify the planning process on your end. 


I’m interested, who should I contact?

If you are ready to start the planning process or need more info, contact us today!

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Past Events

Seeds Vision: Chesapeake - December 2023Seeds Vision: Washington - November 2023

Seeds Vision: Potomac - February 2023

Seeds Vision: Atlanta Area - September 2022

Seeds Vision: Southern New England Conference - May 2022 Seeds Vision: Chesapeake Conference - November 2021

Seeds Core Group:  Chesapeake Conference - August 2021

Seeds Core Groups - Southern New England Conference - May 2021

Seeds Vision: Kentucky-Tennessee Conference - April 2021

Seeds Vision: Northern California  and Nevade-Utah Conferences - March 2021

Seeds Core Groups - Chesapeake - November 2020Southern Adventist University Seeds - November 2020

Alberta Seeds - September 2020

Alberta Seeds - September 2019

Illinois Seeds - September 2019

Ontario Seeds - September 2019


How Seeds was Born

Early Adventism was a church planting movement. Paid pastors were primarily apostolic workers to initiate work in new areas, volunteer elders led churches, and sacrificial ministry by all members was the norm. Over time, the work of ministry in existing churches increasingly became the domain of paid professionals and the multiplication of churches slowed. In fact, in 1995 the number of new churches in North America actually declined.

As a result there were leaders in North America–including Russell Burrill (former director of the NAD Evangelism Institute) and others–that started Seeds Church Planting Conferences. Held for the first few years on the campus of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, today Seeds takes place in multiple locations across North America to raise awareness, call for commitment, and deliver practical training. While Seeds holds a historic and continued significance, there is today a resurgence of interest and movement for church planting in the North American Adventist church. This renewal is seen in multiple coaching and church planting initiatives, training opportunities, resources, and collaboration for mission.